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Chamblee High School
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West Gwinnett Aquatic Center
West Gwinnett Aquatic Center
4488 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Berkeley Lake, GA 30071
Win 10-9

Water Polo B Team vs. Chamblee

The Knights had their biggest battle of the season yesterday against Chamblee! Fortunately, we scored first and Chamblee had to try to catch up the entire game. The Knights jumped out to a 2-0 lead before they scored. The first quarter ended 4-4. The Knights again, pulled ahead 6-4 before they tied the game up at 6-6 going into halftime. During the third quarter, the Knight defense started to really tighten up and held them scoreless and scored two of their own moving to an 8-6 lead after three. In the final quarter, the Knights scored two more before Chamblee started a to rally. They notched three of their own as time was winding down. The Knights held on to a 10-9 win and have now won three in a row!

Scoring for the Knights was as follows:

David-7 goals, 2 assists

Jason-3 goals, 1 assist

Robert-1 assist

Cameron-2 assists

Blake-1 assist

Cameron earned his second win in goal of the day.

Next Game is Tuesday at 5:30 against Chamblee again. It would be great to have a big crowd for this game.

Go Knights!