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Swimming & Diving - Girls MS
Woodward Academy
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Loss 125-153

MS vs. Woodward

The Knights hosted Woodward yesterday in their first meet since the Thanksgiving Break. The teams continue to improve and had 52 personal best performances! Woodward gave us some great races with both breaststroke races coming down to the last two strokes into the wall and Kate C. and Corey L. both reached ahead for wins! Below are the top five finishes in each event.

Medley Relays-2nd-Oliver, Corey, Watson, Luca, 2nd-Marisa, Kate, India, Chloe, 5th-Ansley, Olivia, Caroline, Townsend

200 Free-1st-Barrett, 2n-Ledger, 5th-Watson, 2nd-India, 4th-Claire, 5th-Townsend

IM-2nd-Easton, 3rd-John, 2nd-Kate, 4th-Sarah, 5th-Olivia

50-1st-Carter, 2nd-Luca, 4th-JD, 2nd-Chloe, 5th-Reese

Diving-1st-Emery, 2nd-Ansley


100-1st-Carter, 2nd-Easton, 4th-Luca, 2nd-Chloe, 5th-Avery

500-1st-Corey, 2nd-Oliver, 1st-Marisa, 3rd-Caroline

200Free Relays-1st-Carter, Barrett, Easton, Ledger, 4t-Forest, Aidan, Walker, Evan, 5th-Grant, Hayden, Aarav, John, 2nd-Sarah, Ella, Julia, Claire, 3rd-Kate, Dallis, Belle, Avery, 5th-Ansley, Annie, Arianna, Cameron

Back-1st-Barrett, 1st-Marisa, 3rd-Claire, 5th-Ellie

Breaststroke-1st-Corey, 4th-Watson, 1st-Kate, 3rd-Emery

400 Free Relays-1st-Carter, Easton, Ledger, Barrett, 4th-JD, Daniel, John, Grant, 5th-Forest, Walker, Aarav, Watson, 2nd-India, Chloe, Avery, Marisa, 4th-Claire, Ellie, Townsend, Caroline

Great job to all the Knights! Next meet is Tuesday against Lovett at 4:15!