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Swimming & Diving - Girls MS
Lovett School
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Pace Academy - Natatorium
Pace Academy - Natatorium
Loss 123-147

MS Swimming and Diving vs. Lovett

In the final dual meet of the season, the Knights continued to show improvement and turned in another 33 personal best performances, including two new boys relay records! The 200 and 400 free relay teams of Carter, Barrett, Luca, and Easton lowered both records by over two seconds! On the girls side of the meet, Marisa won the 500 free and 100 back and teamed up with Chloe, Kate, and Caroline to win the 400 free relay.

The teams are now getting ready for the MS Championship Meet this weekend. Diving will take place on Friday and the swimming events on Saturday. It has been a great season for the Knights as they have shown great improvement each meet. Below are the top five finishers in each event.

Medley Relays-2nd-Daniel, Corey, Ledger, Aidan, 3rd-Ellie, Elowyn, Townsend, Reese

200 free-2nd-Easton, 4th-Watson, 5th-Aidan, 2nd-Avery, 3rd-Ellie, 4th-Townsend, 5th-Dallis

IM-1st-Barrett, 2nd-Corey, 3rd-John, 3rd-Chloe, 4th-Kate, 5th-Olivia


Diving-3rd-Emery, 4th-Ansley


100-1st-Carter, 2nd-Luca, 4th-Daniel, 5th-John, 5th-Claire

500-2nd-Ledger, 1st-Marisa, 2nd-Chloe, 3rd-Avery

200 Free Relays-1st-Carter, Barrett, Luca, Easton, 4th-Grant, Aarav, Hayden, John,3rd-Chloe, Avery, Ella, Emery, 4th-Claire, Ansley, Dallis, Sydney L.

Back-5th-Aidan, 1st-Marisa, 3rd-Claire, 4th-Ellie

Breaststroke-1st-Ledger, 2nd-Corey, 4th-Watson, 2nd-Kate, 3rd-Caroline, 4th-Elowyn

400 Free Relays-1st-Carter, Barrett, Luca, Easton, 3rd-Harrison, John, Watson, Corey, 4th-Grant, Hayden, Evan, Aarav, 1st-Marisa, Chloe, Kate, Caroline, 3rd-Avery, Ellie, Olivia, Kathleen, 4th-Elowyn, Dallis, Reese, Claire, 5th-Ansli, Belle, Allison C., Sydney L.

Girls-123 Lovett-147

Boys-126 Lovett-115

Great job Knights!