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Swimming & Diving - Boys V
Pope High School
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Loss 84-214

Swimming and Diving vs. Pope H.S.

The Varsity swimming and diving teams hosted Pope H.S. last night. The Knights had 28 more PR’s in the meet and four new state times! It was the last meet of 2018 before heading into exams and the holiday season. The teams were able to move people around into some new events and relay combinations, that was great to see.

Erin and Amalie lead the girls with two firsts each and Lizzy and Jason each won one event!

Below are the top five finishers in each event:

Medley Relays-2nd-Henry, John, Jason, Carter, 2nd-Lizzy, Sophia, Leah, Holland, 3rd-Amalia, Lilly, Maggie, Marielle

200-5th-Blake, 2nd-Meghan, 3rd-Isabel

IM-5th-Dillon, 3rd-Leah, 4th-Sophia, 5th-Tanner

50-3rd-Jason, 4th-henry, 1st-STQ-Erin, 5th-Maggie

Diving-2nd-Will, 3rd-Tase, 4th-Cooper, 1st-Lizzy, 2nd-Maggie, 3rd-Kate

Fly-1st-Jason, 1st-Amalie

100-1st-STQ-Erin, 3rd-Meghan, 5th-Isabel

500-4th-Carter, 5th-Connor, 3rd-Holland, 5th-Jacqueline

200 Free Relays-3rd-Henry, John, Jason, Carter, 5th-Dillon, Will, Connor, Cole,1st-STQ-Lizzy, Amalie, Erin, Meghan, 5th-Isabel, Sophia, Kate, Tanner

Back-2nd-Henry, 1st-Amalie, 2nd-Lizzy, 3rd-Holland

Breaststroke-2nd-John, 4th-Will, 5th-Sophia

400 Free Relays-4th-Cole, Dillon, Harrison, Connor, 1stSTQ-Erin, Meghan, Amalie, Holland

Girls-144 Pope-156

Boys-84 Pope-214