Athletics Event

Swimming & Diving - Girls V
Paideia, Walker School
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Pace Academy - Natatorium
Pace Academy - Natatorium
Other Pace-141, Paideia-79, Walker-72

Varsity Swimming and Diving

The Knights started 2019 off last night hosting Walker and Paideia. After a four week break from meets, the teams came out strong with 32 new personal best performances, a school record, four new state qualifying times and an Iron Knight Award!

Lizzy broke her own 6-dive record, Erin and Charlie both earned the Iron Knight Award for making a state time in each individual race as well as lowering four of their state qualifying times. Other first place finishes were by Blake(200 FR) and Carter(100 FR).

It was really good to see the team come out strong after that long of a layoff. January is a really fast month for the team as they are pushing themselves as much as possible to ready for the GHSA state championships in February!

Below are the top five finishes in each event:

Medley Relays-1st-Charlie, John, Jason, Carter, 2nd-Paul-Louis, Dillon, Connor, Caole, 1st-Amalie, Luisa, Erin, Sophia, 5th-Jacqueline, Tanner, Zoie, Marielle

200 Free-1st-Blake, 2nd-Alex, 3rd-Cameron, 2nd-Isabel, 3rd-Holland, 4th-Tanner

IM-1st-STQ-Charlie, 2nd-Dillon, 2nd-Luisa, 3rd-Leah

50-2nd-John,3rd-Cole, 3rd-Maggie

Diving-1st-Will, 2nd-Tase, 3rd-Cooper, 4th-Carter, 1st-new school record, 3rd-Maggie, 4th-Kate

Fly-2nd-Jason, 3rd-Paul-Louis, 1st-new state time-Erin

100-1st-Carter, 2nd-Cole, 3rd-Cameron, 4th-Aaron, 2nd-Amalie, 4th-Isabel

500-1st-STQ-Charlie, 2nd-Connor, 3rd-Alex, 2nd-Tanner, 3rd-Lily, 4th-Amalia

200 Free Relays-2nd-Will, Blake, Cameron, Alex, 2nd-Lizzy, Holland, Maggie, Isabel

Back-2nd-Jason, 3rd-Dillon, 4th-Paul-Louis, 2nd-Lizzy, 3rd-Amalie, 4th-Holland

Breaststroke-3rd-John, 4th-Will, 1st-new state time-Erin, 3rd-Leah, 5th-Sophia

400 free relays-1st-Charlie, Jason, Carter, Dillon,2nd-Paul-Louis, Cole, Will, Cameron, 3rd-John, Connor, Alex, Blake, 2nd-Leah, Lizzy, Erin, Zoie, 3rd-Luisa, Isabel, Jacqueline, Maggie, 4th-Sophia, Holland, Tanner, Marielle, 5th-Amalie, Kate, Amalie, Lily.

Next Meet is Saturday at the Riverwood Invitational!

Go Knights!