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Swimming & Diving - Girls V
Woodward Academy
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Win 164-150

Swimming and Diving

Vs. Woodward

The Knights were host to Woodward Academy yesterday at the Pace Academy Natatorium. The boys won a close one by the score of 164-150, and the girls fell 353-252. There were a lot of really close races as the competition was strong. The Knights came away with 33 personal bests performances, four lowered state times, ten first place finishes, and a school and pool record!

Congratulations to Lizzy for her school and pool record performance for 6-dives! Charlie and Erin lowered some state times and Meghan, Jason, and Lizzy neared state qualifying times in the 50 free!

The teams are looking stronger as we have two meets remaining until the GHSA State Championships Feb. 7,8,9! Below are the top five finishes in each event.

Medley Relays-3rd-Blake, Cameron, Connor, Aaron, 1st-STQ-Lizzy, Erin, Amalie, Meghan

200-1st-STQ-Charlie, 5th-Dillon, 1st-Luisa, 3rd-Isabel

IM-2nd-John, 4th-Connor, 1st-STQ-Erin, 4th-leah

50-5th-Carter, 1st-Meghan, 3rd-Maggie, 4th-Holland

Diving-1st-school and pool records-Lizzy, 2nd-Maggie

Fly-2nd-Jason, 4th-Carter, 1st-Erin, 3rd-Amalie

100-1st-STQ-Charlie, 2nd-Isabel, 3rd-Jacqueline

500-3rd-Dillon, 1st-Meghan

200 Free Relays-2nd-Charlie, John, Carter, Jason, 4th-Cole, Blake, Connor, Dillon, 1st-Amalie, Lizzy, Meghan, Erin, 2nd-Luisa, Maggie, Tanner, Isabel

Back-3rd-Connor, 4th-Blake, 2nd-Lizzy, 3rd-Amalie, 5th-Holland

Breaststroke-2nd-John, 1st-Luisa, 2nd-Leah, 5th-Tanner

400 Free Relays-2nd-Charlie, Dillon, Carter, Jason, 4th-Alex, Cole, Cameron, John, 2nd-Isabel, Leah, Holland, Luisa,5th-Jacqueline, Lily, Zoie, Kate

Congratulations to all swimmers and divers!