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Welcome to Pace Academy!

As a parent of four Pace students and one alumnus, a classroom teacher and a member of our administrative team, I hope the Pace website gives you a glimpse into what makes this school such a powerful educational environment.
Beyond our college-placement success and the statistics that rank Pace among the nation's finest schools, you’ll find that a strong sense of community exists between our faculty, students, families and staff. At Pace students are known to everyone — not just their classroom teachers.
Recognized as a "Leading Edge School" by the National Association of Independent Schools, Pace understands the balance between providing rigorous academics and an environment that allows for personal growth and support. We place a high value on the character of the institution, moral education and the integrity of our community. Our academic, athletics, fine arts and service programs are founded on strong moral and ethical standards, and they inspire everyone at Pace to aim high.
Our city is blessed with many great schools, but we know that Pace students feel at home here, and I hope you’ll experience that firsthand. Come spend time with the Pace family — make plans to visit our campus and tour our state-of-the-art facilities, interact with our students, observe our teachers and experience the depth of our programs. Pace has been the best decision of my life, and I look forward to showing you why.
At Pace we don't set out to be the biggest — just the best.
Fred Assaf
Head of School