Pardon our Progress

With the launch of the Accelerate Pace campaign in January 2020, the Pace Academy community kicked off a new chapter in its 60-year history. The $35-million phase-one goal provides for the construction of the Kam Memar Lower School and updates to the Lower School classroom building. When phase one is complete, Accelerate Pace’s second phase will get underway to restore and renovate Pace’s historic Castle. With academic excellence and student wellness at the center, we will ensure that all Pace’s facilities match the quality of the experiences inside.

The Timeline

Construction began in December 2019 with the removal of The Randall House, the administrative portion of the Lower School, located at the corner of Rilman Road and W. Paces Ferry Road. Construction on the Kam Memar Lower School will take 17 months, and the new Lower School will open in the fall of 2021.

The Impact

Administrators with offices in the Randall House have been relocated to spaces within the Lower School classroom building. Students have not been displaced during construction; updates to the library and cafeteria will happen during summer and holiday breaks so as not to disrupt students’ daily schedules. During construction, recess will take place on the portion of the playground outside the construction zone and on the Castle lawn.

Campus Traffic

The location of the Lower School construction site requires adjustments to the traffic flow on campus. Namely, there is no through traffic from the Lower School to the rest of the campus. All Lower School traffic must enter and exit from Rilman Road. All other traffic must enter from W. Paces Ferry Road (formerly the Castle exit).


Parking on our campus is already limited, and it will be even more restricted during construction. We have made accommodations for all students, faculty and staff; however, visitor parking will be in short supply. We ask that whenever possible parent organizations and other groups meet off campus or schedule meetings after the conclusion of the school day. Parents attending events on campus during the school day are asked to park on neighboring streets and to be respectful of neighbors’ egress.

Frequently Asked Questions

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