Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

At Pace Academy, we believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment is key to a quality education, and that cultural fluency and compassion are necessary components of creating prepared, confident citizens of the world. We are dedicated to developing the whole child. We respect others and their unique ideas and beliefs. Our commitment to a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is reflected in a community in which our differences are embraced, and students, parents and faculty have a sense of belonging.

Our Recent Progress

At Pace, the work of diversity, equity and inclusion is never done. Our motto, To have the courage to strive for excellence, calls us to continuous self-reflection—a process that requires listening, learning, and taking meaningful and informed action, particularly in regard to diversity and inclusion.  

Much work remains, but as a school community, we have made progress. In recent years, growth has taken place in the following areas:  

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