Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mission Statement

At Pace Academy, we believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment is key to a quality education, and that cultural fluency and compassion are necessary components of creating prepared, confident citizens of the world. We are dedicated to developing the whole child. We respect others and their unique ideas and beliefs. Our commitment to a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is reflected in a community in which our differences are embraced, and students, parents and faculty have a sense of belonging.

2021-2022 DEI Theme:

Affirm the work. Acknowledge the growth. Advance the Mission.

Percentage of Students of Color: 30%

Number of Affinity Groups: 10

Number of Diversity Coordinators: 6

Percentage of BIPOC Faculty & Staff: 30%

Pace Academy Board of Diversity (PABD)

The Pace Academy Board of Diversity (PABD) is a group of Upper School student-leaders who operate under the guidance of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. PABD leads Upper School alliance groups, which provide students with spaces to build relationships regardless of their differences. PABD also has opportunities to attend conferences to develop their leadership potential, such as the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, led by NAIS. PABD students offer a rich education for the Pace community through student-led programming, collaboration with students and faculty, and community-building.

2021-2022 Pace Academy Board of Diversity

Samuel Alkire '22
Madison Auchincloss '22
Kargil Behl '22
Pranavh Pradeep '22
Allison Silverboard '22
Jayla Wideman '22
Frank Caldwell '23
Jae Lieberman '23
England Meadows '23
Kate Romero '23
Millie Gray '24

Meet the Team

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