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Our Action Plan for Racial Equity

Statement of Purpose

Pace Academy is committed to eradicating racism and its legacy, and to dismantling any racial hierarchies within our school community. As an institution of learning, we have a responsibility to ensure that every community member feels supported, valued and safe.

Our Action Plan

This Action Plan reflects our commitment now and in the future to look critically at our institutional practices, policies and procedures, and to implement meaningful changes in an effort to establish true racial equity, embedding antiracism in all that we do. 

Given the urgency of our national situation and our understanding of the pain, isolation and racism experienced by our Black community members, our Action Plan focuses on anti-Black racism, with the knowledge that our action items will continue to evolve, ultimately enriching the value of the Pace experience for all members of the school community—regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age or ability. This is not a checklist; instead, our plan is an ever-expanding inventory of strategic actions.

This Action Plan calls on all trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and students to take responsibility for fostering an antiracist community—to be a member of this community is to be committed to this process. Given the central importance of this work, the Board of Trustees will provide purposeful support to school leaders as its members work to implement the Action Plan below. 

We recognize that we cannot carry out this important work alone. We are committed to enlisting outside support and resources to help us identify further steps to create a more equitable community. It is also vitally important that we continue to listen to the Black voices in our community in the continued development of this plan. 

There is no end to this work; this is not a job that we finish. Instead, we must hold each other accountable and strive every day to live out our core values of love, respect and celebration of differences. 

To become prepared, confident citizens of the world, students must be taught from an antiracist curriculum, one that is factually accurate, includes multiple perspectives and inspires critical thinking. To that end, we will: