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A Letter from the Head of School


Welcome to Pace Academy! Over the past two decades, this extraordinary school has become a true home to me, to my wife, Martha, and to our five sons, all of whom are proud Pace alumni. 

With each passing year, the Pace motto, penned by Frank Kaley, our first head of school, has taken on new meaning for me and my fellow school leaders. Summum, Nitens, Confide—To have the courage to strive for excellence—has emboldened our thinking, giving us confidence to dream big about our students and our future as a school community. Initiatives like Excellence in Every Endeavor: Pace Academy’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, the Isdell Center for Global Leadership and our Action Plan for Racial Equity have ushered in a new era in Pace history, one I’d like to think would make Mr. Kaley and our early leaders proud.

Pace continues to thrive today because of our community’s shared commitment to our core values, and because of our talented faculty and staff's steadfast dedication to the students in our care. Yes, our college-placement success and other statistics rank Pace among the nation's finest schools; our athletics and arts programs are second-to-none; and we’re creating innovators in the classroom and around the world, but what truly matters at Pace are the relationships created here—the day-to-day interactions that instill character and change lives.

I invite you to spend time with the Pace family. Make plans to visit our campus and tour our state-of-the-art facilities, interact with our students, observe our teachers, experience the depth of our programs and ask questions. Pace has been the best decision of my life, and I look forward to showing you why. 

Fred Assaf
Head of School

School Leadership