Our Strategic Growth

Strategic PlanSince 1958, Pace Academy’s strong college preparatory education has created confident, well-rounded citizens of the world. Graduates leave Pace more than prepared for collegiate success—they’re equipped to be at the forefront of innovation, leadership and social awareness.

In 2004, the Pace Academy Board of Trustees put forth a five-year Strategic Plan. Its overarching goal was “to further realize [the school’s] founding vision and core mission.” The plan called for visionary leadership; excellence in academics and college admission; outstanding co-curricular and extracurricular activities, including athletics; a continued emphasis on community; a vibrant commitment to diversity; strong support of talented faculty and staff; world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology; a significant increase in the school’s endowment and financial-aid budget.

The 2010-2015 Strategic Plan expanded upon these goals, highlighting global education, the addition of a new Upper School, increased alumni involvement, meaningful professional-development opportunities, and strong parent and neighbor relations.

“A heightened level of excellence lies ahead,” the plan concluded, “and Pace has the courage to bring it to pass.” By every objective measure, the Pace community has more than achieved these goals.

Conceived through a lens of equity and inclusion, the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan ensures that Pace’s culture of excellence and innovation remains intact for future generations, and that graduates are prepared for the ever-changing world they will encounter.

We hold fast to our founding principles and take pride in our legacy as a small school that THINKS BIG. The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan continues that proud tradition while celebrating growth and envisioning an ever-greater place for children to learn and grow.

In the coming years, Pace will structure strategic endeavors around five focus areas:

- Academic and Institutional Excellence

- Enrollment

- Global Citizenship

- Student Life and School Culture

- Community and Communications

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