Our Strategic Plan

Excellence in Every Endeavor: Pace Academy’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

There was nothing arbitrary about Head of School Frank D. Kaley’s selection of the medieval knight as the Pace Academy mascot. Yes, it was a convenient choice given the architecture of the iconic Castle—the only building on campus in 1959—but it was more the institution of knighthood that captivated Kaley. 

Kaley wanted to imbue Pace students and teachers with the set of values manifest in the Knights Code of Chivalry: courage, honor, justice, truth, discipline, readiness to help the weak, championship of the poor, generosity, and love of one’s land, place and people.

He carefully crafted the Pace Academy motto, Summum, Nitens, Confide—To have the courage to strive for excellence—with those ideals in mind.

Kaley contemplated the meaning inherent in each word. Pace Knights would prize courage above all else, he believed. They would strive for excellence because nothing great is easily achieved, because there is value and knowledge in struggle, challenge and hard work. The Pace Kaley envisioned would be unafraid to try and to fail, an ever-changing institution dedicated to the constant and continual growth of the whole child—to excellence in every endeavor.

More than 60 years later, Kaley’s commitment to creating a child-centered school characterized by excellence extends into every aspect of life at Pace Academy. With an unparalleled academic experience as the foundation of all that we do, Pace students, faculty and staff aspire to be their best—striving for excellence in every endeavor—day in and day out. 

Every five years, the Pace Academy Board of Trustees publishes a new strategic plan—a vision for the future of our school. Excellence in Every Endeavor: Pace Academy’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is the result of a years-long effort spearheaded by the Board of Trustees and supported by the administrative team, faculty and staff. 


Looking Back to Look Forward

Past strategic planning has enabled both the school’s growth and our ability to hold fast to our founding principles of courage, honor and excellence. As we launch the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, we also reflect on the progress made toward our previous goals. 

The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, developed through a lens of equity and inclusion, called upon our community to ensure that Pace’s culture of excellence and innovation remained intact for future generations, and to continue to prepare graduates for the ever-changing world they will encounter. By focusing on Academic & Institutional Excellence, Enrollment, Global Citizenship, Student Life & School Culture and Community & Communications, the previous plan celebrated our growth while envisioning an even more exceptional place for children to learn.

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