Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School!

At Pace Academy, our teachers and students cherish the special years between the Lower School and the Upper School. We provide an environment that meets students where they are and encourages and celebrates their development into young men and women—into citizens of the world.

We believe that the Middle School years are a time for students to enjoy and employ their natural enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for learning in the classroom and beyond. Our teachers are not only experts in their fields, they are experts at understanding this age group. They work tirelessly to create classroom experiences that match students’ energy, and their efforts result in a rigorous and colorful curriculum that students embrace and genuinely appreciate.

Middle School is also a time for exploration. With vibrant programs in the arts, music, drama, debate, technology and athletics, we encourage students to seek out their passions and try new things, all the while maintaining the crucial balance of fun, relaxation and time to enjoy friendships. Program directors work together to ensure that our students are able to participate in all activities that spark their interests, while helping them discover and develop the many talents they possess.

We believe the Pace Academy Middle School is the optimal size—large enough to field a full array of opportunities but small enough to foster a nurturing environment for every individual. Every student is known; every student is loved; and every student is carefully guided on his or her own path towards independence.

We stand ready and excited to ensure that they love the journey.

Graham Anthony
Head of Middle School

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