Academic Resource Center

“All students learn differently,” says Michael Callahan, director of Pace Academy’s Academic Resource Center (ARC). “They have different strengths in different areas, and it’s our job as educators to give all children different opportunities for success.”

Through the ARC, Callahan and his expert team of educators ensure that Pace students with learning differences have those opportunities.

“We set the bar high for all students,” he says, “but we provide personalized support that enables them to jump over it.”


The Academic Resource Center in the Lower School offers support for students at all grade levels. The learning specialists work closely with teachers, parents and the Head of Lower School to communicate about specific needs for each child.

Academic support is offered to students before, during and after school in a small-group or a one-on-one session. Services of the Academic Resource Center are offered at no additional cost to parents.

If you need additional resources for support, such as off-campus tutoring, helpful websites, and informational conferences, please contact Deb Cook.


Our learning specialists are available during school hours as well as after school to help any student needing or seeking assistance. Students may come of their own accord or through faculty referral. In cases in which students are having difficulty with organization or are experiencing other academic challenges, special study plans may be put into place after consultation with the director of the Middle School Academic Resource Center (ARC). Plans may include meetings with the Academic Resource team or a teacher, or scheduled extra help sessions in the Middle School ARC. Peer tutoring is also available, and our Upper School students serve as peer tutors.


Our Upper School Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides academic support to students and education and assistance to faculty and parents. Pace Academy prioritizes academic excellence, the development of the whole child, and integrity and respect, and the ARC utilizes the many resources available within the Upper School community to enable student success in these arenas.


  • Skills instruction and strategies for note-taking, test-taking, reading, mastery of world languages and time management
  • One-on-one and small-group tutoring by content specialists
  • Peer tutoring
  • Writing workshops
  • After-school support
If you would like to request a peer tutor, please visit the Upper School Learning Lab (Room 424).

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Lower School Staff

Deb Cook
Lower School Learning Specialist

Lisa Richardson
Lower School Learning Specialist

Middle School Staff

Liz Mason
Director of Middle School Academic Resource Center, Middle School Learning Specialist

Alice Hall
Middle School Learning Specialist

Ashley Clay
Middle School Study Strategies Teacher

Upper School Staff

Michael Callahan
Director of Academic Resource Center, Upper School Learning Specialist

Erin McNicholas
Upper School Learning Specialist

Jordan Silverboard
Upper School Academic Coach

Amy Pence
Upper School Tutor