In the Middle School, we offer a multitude of after-school activities that encourage students try new things and push beyond their comfort zones.


Middle Schoolers are encouraged to take part in one of the many athletic opportunities available each season. Experienced coaches, in most cases Middle School classroom teachers, lead our teams.

Practices and games are typically held from 3 to 5 p.m., with occasional weekend games. We offer round-trip transportation to practices and games, whether they take place at our satellite sports complex or at an area school. A comprehensive list of sports offered is available on our Athletics page. Rounding out our athletic offerings are club teams, including equestrian, mountain biking and water polo.

Community Engagement

The Middle School Community Engagement Parents Board meets as needed with leaders in the Middle School and the Isdell Center for Global Leadership to help organize service-learning opportunities for students and families.

Its goals are to provide a broad range of service opportunities that allow students to practice good environmental stewardship and understand the dignity and worth of all people. While Pace Middle Schoolers are called to fulfill five hours of service each year, we hope to instill a lifelong love for serving others that follows them to the Upper School and beyond.


Middle School students have the opportunity to work with parents and other Middle School students to prepare for the annual Mathcounts competition held in February. Organized by Middle School parents and other interested faculty, the Mathcounts group meets on a weekly basis.

MidKnight Times

The staff of the Middle School newspaper, the MidKnight Times, meets weekly with their faculty sponsors to write stories, design page layouts, take photos and learn about the exciting world of producing a news publication.

Robotics Team

The Middle School robotics team, the RoboKnights, is open to interested sixth, seventh and eighth graders and meets during the second-quarter Discovery period for seventh and eighth graders or after school for sixth graders.

Late Knight

Every afternoon from 3 to 6 p.m., students on campus but not participating in organized after-school activities report to the Middle School, where they have time to complete homework and read or play games with fellow Middle Schoolers in a supervised environment.


The Middle School drama department stages two mainstage productions and an Improv Throwdown annually. Rehearsals take place after school with performances in the evenings. Students appear on stage, run lights and sound equipment, serve on the backstage crew, try their hands as makeup artists, and discover the joys and challenges of live performance. Students participating in theatre are usually also able to participate in athletics.

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