US English

The English Department feels that students learn best when they are engaged with the material. Teachers seek variety and liveliness in the classroom by striking a balance between the traditional and the contemporary, the disciplined and the exploratory. Students follow sequenced courses as they explore all of the literary genres at every grade level. The aim is to help each student discover his/her distinctive voice and to seek clarity, power and beauty in his/her writing.

The Upper School English program is built on the following fundamental skills:

  • close reading of the text
  • studying language “from the inside out”
  • mastering grammar, usage and mechanics
  • learning the value of the rough draft and the revision process
  • expanding both recognition and usage vocabulary
  • learning the methods of literary research
  • learning MLA formatting rules
  • learning how to develop a clear thesis and persuasive argument
  • writing in both a timed and untimed situation
  • learning how to speak up in both classroom discussions and in formal reports
  • mastering the technology that will enhance language proficiency

Faculty & Staff

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