US World Languages

The World Languages Department offers a sequential, proficiency-based curriculum in French, Spanish or Latin. The department believes that students acquire another language best by immersion in the target language and culture. Departmental faculty organize class activities and homework assignments around opportunities for students to build proficiency in each of the linguistic skill areas of speaking, aural understanding, reading and writing (with appropriate modifications for Latin).

We design the curriculum throughout so that students can progress in their ability to:

  • Understand a variety of authentic print and audio materials and their cultural content
  • Describe, narrate, inquire, express an opinion and hypothesize in the target language both orally and in writing
  • Vary their vocabulary and maintain their grammatical control
  • Sustain interpersonal communication
  • Identify and adapt to contexts which require a more formal linguistic register
  • View the world from a cultural perspective different from their own

Students entering Pace at the ninth-grade level with no prior language instruction, or those who wish to begin the study of a different language, have the opportunity to begin Spanish or French at level I. With teacher recommendation, students of higher motivation or ability follow an accelerated sequence in separate honors-level classes, typically writing the AP Examination in their junior year. All students must complete through Level III of the language and two years of foreign language as a high school graduation requirement.

Faculty & Staff

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