Support & Resources

At Pace, we believe that the key to a successful education is the appropriate balance of challenge and support; we set the bar high, and then help students jump over it.

Our faculty and staff provide multiple layers of support to assist students in navigating the social, emotional and academic challenges they may face in high school. Our goal is for every child to have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

Peer Leadership

Orientation to life in the Upper School is a yearlong process. All ninth graders are assigned to one of eight groups (roughly 14 students per group) that are matched up with senior Peer Leaders (one boy and one girl). Freshmen meet periodically with their Peer Leaders throughout the year to learn about the Upper School culture and how to make a successful transition to the high-school years from the perspective of older students.


In addition to Peer Leadership, ninth graders are divided into groups and assigned to one of our faculty Transitions advisors. Transitions groups meet throughout the year (once every eight-day rotation cycle) to facilitate the process of orienting to life in high school. Transitions groups also schedule service projects and social activities throughout the year.

The Dean System

One dean supports each grade in our Upper School from the time students enter as freshmen through graduation. Deans serve as liaisons between faculty and parents, monitoring the academic, emotional and social wellbeing of the students in their care.

College Counseling

With three full-time college counselors, Pace offers extensive resources for students and parents in the area of college counseling. Because of our small class size and knowledgeable staff, each student is given the careful, thorough attention necessary to find the college that best suits his or her academic, co-curricular and personal profile.


INSTEAD - Informing and Nurturing Students Through Education about Alcohol and other Drugs is a program established by PACE.LEAD to encourage faculty and students to work together to pursue non-disciplinary channels for concerns about student use of alcohol and other drugs.

If you are concerned about a Pace Academy student please click the link for the INSTEAD Confidential Referral Form.

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