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Upper School Summer Reading

Summer Reading Introduction

Purpose of Summer Reading

Summer is the perfect time to spend some pleasurable hours with a good book, and so all students, grades 9-12, are asked to read at least one book from the list at their grade level. Students advancing into AP Literature and AP Language are asked to read two. Please purchase the correct edition by following the ISBN numbers listed. 


This list of books has been compiled with an eye toward variety of subject matter, accessibility to all reading levels, and social issues such as gender, race, and socioeconomics. The books are available at local bookstores and by clicking on the picture of the book on the Pace website. At the time this list was prepared, all of the titles were in print and available in paperback. 


All students must purchase the required book for their grade level, read it over the summer, and bring the book to school on the first day in August. The English teachers have also provided reading guides in the form of inquiries. These reading guides are designed to help students begin to think about some of the complex ideas in these summer reading books. We highly recommend that students consider the questions provided in these guides while reading and consider taking notes on their responses. These notes will not be graded, but written responses often help students contribute to the class discussions and also help when it comes time to take the summer reading test.  

Students will be asked to sign the honor pledge that they have read the book, and then the assignment will be assessed in different ways, depending on grade level. For most students, the summer reading assessment will count as the first quiz grade of fall semester. For more details about the summer reading books, the notes on the reading guides, and the extra credit opportunity, visit the Pace Academy website and follow the links to summer reading for the appropriate grade level.


Summer Reading Assignments