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Applying to Pace

The February 1 application deadline has passed, and Pace Academy is fully enrolled in all grade levels for the 2024-25 school year.

If you are interested in submitting a late application, please create an account on Ravenna and submit all the required items. Should you have any questions, you may contact us directly. 

Lower School (grades Pre-First-5): Katherine Patrick 

Middle School (grades 6-8): Sarah  Stewart

Upper School (grades 9-12): De’ire Foxx 

Financial Aid (all grades): Mac McCallum 

Should we receive your application and an unexpected opening occurs at some point this spring or summer, we will reach out to you to arrange an Interview (Middle School/Upper School applicants) and/or Observation (Lower School applicants).  

As for the standardized test requirements, please contact the admissions representative for your applicant’s division prior to scheduling. 

Steps to Apply

Pace Academy's expansion grades are Pre-First, grade six and grade nine. Openings in all other grades are based on attrition. Select the appropriate division below to learn more about the application process.


We want to ensure a smooth application process. If your family has scheduling restraints due to travel, please reach out to us well in advance so we can make appropriate arrangements for your campus visit. For questions, please contact Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Mac McCallum or 404-240-9109.

Contact Us

For questions related to the admissions process, please contact the admissions representative for your child's division.

Katherine Patrick

Katherine Patrick

Associate Director of LS Admissions
Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart

Associate Director of MS Admissions
De'ire Foxx

De'ire Foxx

Associate Director of US Admissions
Mac McCallum

Mac McCallum

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Let's Start your Pace Admission Journey

To begin the admissions process, create an account on Ravenna to inquire, schedule campus visits and apply. 




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