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Alumni Association


The Alumni Association strives to provide ongoing opportunities for alumni to engage with each other and with Pace Academy in order to build a strong alumni network and support the school.

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board sets the Alumni Association’s vision and goals, thereby supporting its mission to provide ongoing alumni engagement opportunities. The Board works closely with the Alumni Office to foster an active and involved alumni community by coordinating special events and activities and facilitating connections.


Meredith Winitt Forrester ‘95


Jason Lee '96


Samanta Movsovitz Gelman '08
Streeter Nolan '09 (NYC)

Heather Allen Bernes '05
Ross Brown '07
Kristin Chick Carpenter '07
Brannon Cook '96
Jason Cox '92
Rod Drews '00
Brooks Ficke '03
Megan Fox Ford '01
Fred Glass '89
Cal Harris '12

David Liebmann '87 (Boston)
Sara Worth Mullally ’13 (NYC)
Dylan Steinfeld '15
Jonathan Webster '12
Stacey Weitzner '01
Victoria Wilson '10



All Pace Academy alumni are eligible to serve on the Alumni Board. Members are elected to serve for a three-year term and may volunteer for a second term. 

Past Alumni Board Presidents

Jill Pinkerton Huitron '73
Vickey Key Wile '71
Don Inman '81
Ken Stephens '79
John Inman '83
Charles Wellborn '83

Bill Darby ’81
Palmer Watson Gard ’77
Wade Hooper ’89
Eric Williams ‘87
Randy Marcrum '80
Josh Belinfante '95

Austin McDonald '97
Charley Brickley '88
Julianna Rue Cagle '03
Bryan Chitwood '93
Frank Woodling '05

Alumni Association ByLaws

Amended and Restated Bylaws of the Pace Academy Alumni Association.

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