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Alumni Board Nominations


The Alumni Board sets the Alumni Association’s yearly vision and goals, thereby supporting its mission to provide ongoing alumni engagement opportunities as outlined in the Alumni Association 5-Year Strategic Plan. The Board works closely with the Alumni Office to foster an active and involved alumni community by coordinating special events and activities and facilitating connections.

All Pace Academy alumni are eligible to serve on the Alumni Board. Members are elected to serve for a three-year term starting in August of their elected year, and may volunteer for a second term. Alumni Board members are asked to sign the Alumni Board Expectations Agreement, which commits them to: attending at least four of the six annual Alumni Board meetings in person or remotely, attending at least two alumni-sponsored events and supporting The Alumni Fund with a personal gift of any size. See the full Alumni Board Expectations Agreement here

The Alumni Board has six (6) vacancies to fill starting in the 2024-2025 school year. 

The Executive Committee will create a slate to replace vacant seats. The slate will ensure that the Alumni Board represents the criteria outlined in Section 5b of the Pace Academy Alumni Association Bylaws, outlined below. To view the Bylaws in full, click here

If you are not selected as a part of this year’s slate, please know that this is an annual process and that we hope you will apply again. In the meantime, there are many other ways to be involved as a Pace alum! Please email to learn about the many ways you can become involved with the Alumni Association and the Pace community. 

Alumni Board Nomination Form

The Alumni Board Nomination application is now closed. Questions? Please contact Olivia Dillon ' 17 at

Alumni who are chosen as a part of the slate will be notified prior to the Alumni Board vote on the proposed slate. 

Alumni Association Bylaws Section 5b
b. The Alumni Board, in deciding upon the final slate of Officer and member nominees to be voted upon, shall take the following criteria into account when selecting Officers and new members:  (A) leadership qualities to serve in a specific Officer position or as a member; (B) in the case of Officers, Board meeting attendance; (C) commitment to serving the Board and the Pace Academy community in general; and (D) any other relevant factors including but not limited to the needs of class years, gender ratio, and geographic location. Any members interested in serving as Officers may submit a self-nomination to the Secretaries.