Arts Alliance

Welcome to The Arts Alliance!

We’re looking forward to even more arts excellence at Pace Academy for the 2022-2023 school year!  The purpose of the Pace Arts Alliance (PAA) is to support the visual and performing arts faculty and their programs, increase interest in Pace Arts and raise money toward the enhancement of student experiences in the visual and performing arts. We encourage the faculty to make funding requests for any extras that enrich the student experience.   We commit resources across Pace Academy, from the Lower School to the Upper School, and support all when it comes to the arts.  

This past year, the Pace Arts Alliance provided funding for:

  • The Lower School plays, including choreography and costumes

  • Materials for Lower, Middle and Upper school strings programs

  • Lower and Middle School chorus to perform the National Anthem at an Atlanta Hawks Game

  • Set pieces, lighting and sound for Middle and Upper School musicals 

  • Fees for a record amount of Upper School students to attend Thescon

  • Upper School Chorus musical workshop at Disney

  • A rug tufting tutorial for Upper School art students

This fall we look forward to hosting American singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, Kishi Bashi.  He will provide all Pace students with an understanding of music composition, history, storytelling and developing a creative process.   We invite you to become a member of the PAA and support the many arts programs that enrich our students in each division. Please reach out to us with any questions.


Executive Officers
Co-Presidents Ann Nagle & Christy Smith
Past President Wendy Schmitt
Secretary Bo Byrne
Treasurer Suzanne White
Membership Jennifer Demba
Ticketing Vivian Lennon
Communications Sarah Gray
Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair/Administrative Advisor Sean Bryan
Pace Arts Alliance Visual and Performing Arts Chair Danny Doyle
Concessions Ginger Faye
Event Hospitality & Recognition

Evis Babo &
Steve Weizenecker

Special Events Chairs Kimi Price Quégnuiner
Parent Organization Manager Cason Given
Division Representatives
Middle & Upper School Band Aria Hattiangadi
Upper School Chorus Wendy Schmitt
Middle School Chorus TBD

Lower School Visual/Performing Arts

Laura Newberg

Middle School Visual Arts Kimi Price Quéguiner
Upper School Visual Arts TBD

Middle School Strings

Henri Muller

Upper School Strings Angie Smith

Middle School Theatre

Keri Mason Roth

Upper School Theatre

Allison Davis

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