Arts at Pace

Welcome to Pace Academy Arts!

There’s just something about escaping into a character, really feeling the music or translating the image in your head onto canvas. In all of its forms, art introduces new perspectives, presents exciting challenges and encourages students to THINK BIG.

At Pace, we provide the highest level of artistic experience and knowledge, and we embed study of the visual and performing arts in our curriculum at every level. It begins with introductions to art and music in the Lower School, where students participate in class plays, our annual holiday program and, in the fourth and fifth grades, join our band, chorus or strings ensembles.

Our offerings expand in the Middle School as young artists explore new mediums through visual art courses, participate in drama, play in the band or orchestra or sing in the chorus. Extracurricular activities offer additional outlets for students to discover their artists passions and hone their talents.

Upper School students further specialize in the visual arts with courses in photography, ceramics, drawing, painting and sculpture. Or, they pursue band, chorus, strings, acting and stagecraft in the performing arts. Advanced Placement classes in art history and music theory provide additional opportunities to develop expertise—knowledge and experiences we encourage students to leverage in the college-application process.

Our teachers are committed to delivering positive personal feedback as part of the learning process. They encourage students to explore and experiment in the arts, to find and pursue their passions. We emphasize process and tradition while remaining current with pedagogy within each discipline. Over time, expanding performance and visual arts opportunities provide outlets to share talents both within and outside the Pace community.

We’re proud of our artistic traditions, and we’re sure that every student will find a place in the arts!

On April 30, senior artists in our advanced studio art and independent study classes, as well as those selected as 2020 Arts Laureates and GHSA Literary Meet participants took part in a virtual showcase, which also included a tribute to the spring musical, The Music Man, as well as a musical selection from the show.

The Senior Spring Arts Assembly, hosted by Visual and Performing Arts Chair Sean Bryan, featured seniors Allie Appel, Emerson Barrett, Mary Lawson Bring, Robert Cushman, Austin Fuller, Anna Jordan, Maya Kaplan, Blaise Reyes, Nikki Rubin, Emma Shelton, Lauren Stebbins, Claire Wierman and Zoe Williams

You can watch the event and view visual artists’ senior portfolios at

Throughout the week of April 27, the Middle School celebrated its 2020 Arts Laureates during virtual morning assemblies. Congratulations to sixth-graders Angelika Avdeyeva and Kate Leach; seventh-graders Peter Davis and Livie Lynch; and eighth-graders Carly Cannon and Elsie Middleton.

You can view students’ performances and presentations at

Spring Arts Festival, our annual celebration of all things Pace Arts, was scheduled to take place this week. The festival highlights the work of outstanding visual and performing artists in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. Because we can’t celebrate in person, we are recognizing students via social media and inviting Middle and Upper School students to present their work digitally throughout the month.

Prior to the break, 15 Lower School students were recognized as Knights of the Arts, chosen by their peers and teachers for exhibiting excellence, dedication and passion in one or more areas of the arts. Congratulations to Pre-First students Molly Sandlin and Jay Weaver, first-graders Kinsey Crumley and Colin Gray, second-graders Savannah Popo and Owen Weaver, third-graders William Feagin and Julia Moss, fourth-graders Eduardo Ambra and Scarlett Elizondo, and fifth-graders Shaan A., Lucy Bryan, Andy Levenson, Kylie Newberg and Joy Wallace.

Eighteen Middle and Upper Schoolers auditioned and were selected by the arts faculty as Arts Laureates. This year’s Laureates include sixth-graders Angelika Avdeyeva and Kate Leach; seventh-graders Peter Davis and Livie Lynch; eighth-graders Carly Cannon and Elsie Middleton; freshmen England Meadows and Kate Romero; sophomores Marielle Frooman and Lauren Smith; juniors Jacqueline Cunningham, Katherine Khajavi, Jonny Sundermeier and Alivia Wynn; and seniors Emerson Barrett, Robert Cushman, Maya Kaplan and Nikki Rubin.

Senior artists who had been scheduled to perform or present work this spring will take part in a virtual showcase on Thursday, April 30, at 7 p.m. Please save the date. More details to come!