Notable Pace Athletes

At Pace, we’re proud that our student-athletes continue to pursue their sports at the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities—and some establish careers as professional athletes.

College Athletes in the Past Decade

Class of 2018

Ben Bernstein '18, Oberlin College, baseball

Juston Cogbill '18, University of New Hampshire, football

Zeke Diamond '18, Emory University, baseball

Jack Douglass '18, Washington & Lee University, cross-country and track

Realus George '18, University of Miami, football

Ryan Hofstetter '18, Sewanee: The University of the South, lacrosse

Frank Houser '18, Bucknell University, wrestling

Justin Morris '18, Howard University, football

Isaiah Kelly '18, Yale University, basketball

Marc Mitchell '18, Denison University, golf

David Roos '18, Rhodes College, baseball

Jonathan Rushton '18, Pomona College, soccer

Jamaree Salyer '18, University of Georgia, football

Jaden Steagall '18, Tusculum College, baseball

Class of 2017

Class of 2016

Brenner Appel ’16, Davidson College (Swimming)

Mick Assaf ’16, University of Notre Dame (Football)

Jean-Luc Brown ’16, Mercer University (Football)

Timothy Coleman ’16, Furman University (Football)

Philip Elliott ’16, Furman University (Football)

Grace Ferry ’16, University of Pennsylvania (Swimming)

Madison Graham ’16, University of Tennessee (Swimming)

Jordan Harris ’16, Furman University (Football)

Spencer Hemmingway ’16, Brown University (Football)

Zack Kaminsky ’16, University of Pennsylvania (Basketball)

Owen Moncino ’16, Texas Christian University (Diving)

Matthew Plisko ’16, Macalester College (Baseball)

Johnny Reece ’16, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Soccer)

Samuel Sloman ’16, Miami University, Ohio (Football)

Anthony Trinh ’16, Stanford University (Football)

Anna Van Zyverden ’16, Rollins College (Swimming)

Jack Walsh ’16, University of Virginia (Wrestling)

Class of 2015

Josh Blank ’15, Elon University (Soccer)

Trevor Cefalu ’15, University of Pennsylvania (Football)

Christina Darland ’15, Georgia Institute of Technology (Cheerleading)

Caroline Denny ’15, Trinity College (Rowing)

Lane Dikeman ’15, Middlebury College (Softball)

Hannah Ferry ’15, Emory University (Basketball)

Lauren Hadley ’15, Bucknell University (Softball)

Elijah Holifield ’15, Prairie View A&M University (Basketball)

Alex Johnson ’15, Indiana University (Cheerleading)

Kevin Johnson ’15, University of Richmond (Football)

Harrison Moncino ’15, Miami University of Ohio (Diving)

Blake Murphy ’15, University of Notre Dame (Fencing)

Olivia O'Connell ’15, Sewanee The University of the South (Basketball)

Jack Spencer ’15, Sewanee The University of the South (Football)

Matthew Tanenblatt ’15, Dartmouth College (Lacrosse)

Chase Uter ’15, West Georgia University (Baseball)

Class of 2014

Alexandra Bussey ’14, University of New Haven (Volleyball)

Tripp Conrad ’14, College of Coastal Georgia (Golf)

Jared Datoc ’14, Georgia Institute of Technology (Baseball)

Denzel Franklin ’14, Stanford University (Football)

John King ’14, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Football)

Gwynnie LaMastra ’14, Johns Hopkins University (Swimming)

Kenny Selmon ’14, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Track & Field)

Nathan Sokolic ’14, Haverford College (Basketball)

Class of 2013

Tiger Brown ’13, Claremont McKenna College (Football)

Kelly McGonnigle ’13, University of Virginia (Cheerleading)

Lindsey Zwecker ’13, Dickinson College (Softball)

Class of 2012

Connor Perkey ’12, Davidson College (Basketball)

Morgan Batey ’12, Vanderbilt University (Basketball)

James Rushton ’12, University of Pennsylvania (Soccer)

Glen Harris ’12, United States Naval Academy (Track & Field)

Haley Zwecker ’12, Amherst College (Basketball)

Class of 2011

Tinsley Birchfield ’11, Wheaton College (Tennis)

Will Brewster ’11, Amherst College (Football)

Arthur Omilian ’11, Northwestern University (Football)

Alex Davis ’11, Oglethorpe University (Basketball)

Josh Swan ’11, Southern Illinois University (Basketball)

Kaitlyn Dinkins ’11, Harvard University (Basketball)

Billy Selmon ’11, Bates College (Basketball)

Class of 2010

Emily Kaplan ’10, Princeton University (Diving)

Grace Alexander ’10, Rollins University (Swimming)

Alex Hart ’10, Macalester College (Basketball)

Class of 2009

Christian Datoc ’09, Furman University (Baseball)

D.J. Edler ’09, University of Vermont (Soccer)

Dean Elias ’09, Birmingham-Southern College (Football)

Michelle Ivey ’09, Air Force Academy (Basketball)

Morgan Lyndall ’09, Ursinus College (Softball)

Garrett Mertl ’09, Johns Hopkins University (Tennis)

Frank Peters ’09, College of Charleston (Baseball)

Brandon Thomas ’09, Georgia Institute of Technology (Baseball)

Class of 2008

Andrew Lybarger ’08, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Swimming)

Zuri James ’08, Tallahassee Community College (Basketball)

Allen Mallory ’08, Case Western Reserve University (Basketball)

Nick Rhodes ’08, University of Pennsylvania (Lacrosse)

John Harden ’08, College of Charleston (Tennis)

Class of 2007

Megan Elliott ’07, Rice University (Basketball)

Eleanor Levine ’07, Williams College (Volleyball)

Beth Peters ’07, Davidson College (Soccer)

Matt Simonds ’07, Georgia Tech (Baseball)