Cross Country - Girls MS

Middle school cross country is a fall interscholastic sport open to girls and boys in grades 6-8. We have fun, train hard, and compete in 2-mile cross country races against teams from all over Georgia. We welcome students of all ability levels interested in becoming faster, playing running games, and being part of a great group of positive middle schoolers. Students new to cross country may attend practices to try it out before fully committing to the team.

The 2015 girls team was undefeated.

The 2016 girls team won the medium school state championship.

The 2017 boys and the girls (3rd) teams won the combined medium school trophy at state championships. What a great trophy because it belongs to everyone!

Most importantly, we are a team full of kids who work together, stay positive, and learn to love running.


each runner will only be listed by her fastest time

1. 12:29 Harriet Blaha @Warpath 2019

2. 12:42 Laura Romig @ Wesleyan 2015

3. 12:50 Caroline Hood @Warpath 2019

4. 12:56 Olivia Resnick @Warpath 2019

5. 13:03 Kathryn Hood @ Darlington 2016

6. 13:05 Madison Graham @ Whitefield 2011

7. 13:07 Britton McGurn @ Warpath 2019

8. 13:08 Sophie Singletary @ Whitefield 2011

9. 13:18 Emmy Battista @ Warpath 2019

10. 13:19 Payton Payne @ Darlington 2015

8th grade record: 12:50 Caroling Hood @Warpath 2019

7th grade record: 12:42 Laura Romig @ Wesleyan 2015

6th grade record: 12:29 Harriet Blaha @ Whitefield 2019

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