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Middle School Mental Wellness

Welcome to the Pace Academy Middle School! Middle School is an exciting time when children experience extraordinary growth and development, explore their interests and mature into young adolescents. There is no other time like it, so together, let’s enjoy the ride!

Programs and Services for Students

Character Education

Throughout the year the Middle School emphasizes the importance of strong character, healthy habits and a safe, positive learning environment. Character education is an ongoing process that is discussed during morning assembly, in advisory groups and in the classroom. In addition, communication to parents allows them to continue the conversation at home.

Individual and Group Support

Our counselor meets with students individually or in small groups as needed to address personal, social or academic concerns. She also collaborates with outside providers and offers community referrals to students who need additional, specialized support.

Our counselor acts as a liaison between the school and outside providers so that the school can support work taking place off campus. Students can make counseling appointments, and deans, teachers and parents are encouraged to make referrals. In addition, our counselor collaborates with the Academic Resource Center to provide student support as needed.

Resources for Parents

Parent Workshops

Our counseling team brings presentations on relevant mental health topics to campus. 

Parent Book Club

Stay tuned to learn about the books we will be reading and discussing this year!

Individual Support

Our counselor acts as a resource, providing guidance to individual parents and families on an as-needed basis.

Online Resources

Additional resources for current Pace parents are available in the Pace LEAD and Parenting Connection sections of MYPACE (login required).

Partnerships with Teachers

Classroom Support

Our counselor is in constant contact with our teachers and is available to consult with individual teachers and students to address specific needs, in and outside of the classroom.

Professional Development

Our counselor provides professional development opportunities for faculty to ensure they support the children in their classrooms to the best of their abilities.

Lele Fallon

Lele Fallon

MS Counselor/Academic Coach
Sue Errera

Sue Errera

MS Counselor