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How Do I Install First Class On My Home Computer?

The first thing you must do to install the FirstClass client is to download the installer for the program itself. That can be accomplished by going to , and clicking on the download link near the bottom of the page, or by simply clicking here.


Once on the downloads page you'll need to select the appropriate version of the software for your particular needs, i.e. your desired language and the appropriate operating system, or OS, that your computer is running. If you are unsure of your OS please click here and follow the instructions for either Mac or Windows.


Once you are aware of which operating system you are downloading for use the chart to find that corresponding version. In the image below you can see that by knowing my Macintosh is running OS X and that I'm looking for English with US spelling patterns I am able to find the correct version of the file to install.



After clicking on the file choose to save the file to your computer - it will most likely end up on your desktop or in a downloads folder. The name of the file you will be looking for will have a name that corresponds to the version of FirstClass you are downloading. In the case above, I would be downloading version 9.106 in US English, so I would look for a file called FC9106US.


Once you have located the file double click to begin the installation process. Click through the installation, agreeing as needed.


Once the installation is complete you'll need to open the program, either through the applications folder on a Mac, or through Start>Programs in windows. Once the program is open, you'll see a window that looks like this.



*Note: If you opened the application, but do not see this window you may have to click on Collaborate and then choose Connect.


Now that the application is on your machine we just need to give it instructions on how to talk to the Pace FirstClass server. This is done by clicking on the word Advanced at the bottom of the window. This will cause the entire window to expand downward giving us a few more options to choose from. Next click on Setup, the middle button on the right hand side of this newly expanded panel.



This will open a new window where the actual communication information will be entered. About halfway down this new window will be a spot to enter the name of the server with which your FirstClass client will be communicating. In this spot please enter, as shown in the image below.




Click on the Save button at the bottom of the window and you're all set. You will be taken back to the login screen, but this time it will show the information in the bottom corner - meaning you are now able to communicate with the Pace FirstClass server to access your email.



Now simply enter your User ID and Password and click the little green arrow to log in and acess your email account.