Over the past eight days, Pace students, faculty, and administrators have hosted 11 students and teachers from Ceará, Brazil. These visitors represent PRECE, an educational program that has partnered with Pace through the Isdell Center for Global Leadership.

While in the U.S., the PRECE group has immersed itself in our language and culture with the goal of learning more about our educational approach. Many Pace families, students and teachers have served as hosts, opening their homes and classrooms to our guests. The group has participated in activities in all three divisions—shadowing students, giving presentations, attending sporting events and joining in day-to-day life at Pace.

“Our PRECE guests have also visited some of Pace's partner organizations like the Center for Civil and Human Rights and the First Presbyterian Church Prayer Breakfast,” says Lower and Upper School counselor Kacy Brubaker, who worked with PRECE in Brazil for several years led Pace students on an ICGL study tour there this past summer. “With all that they have shared with us and all that we have shared with them, this has truly been a collaborative partnership.”