Remote learning and the absence of physical proximity present unique opportunities to foster a greater sense of family and identity, which can translate to a deeper sense of belonging in children. Over the coming weeks, our Diversity & Inclusion team will share ways to build knowledge of family and community to enhance student learning around diversity and inclusion. 

Interview Family & Community Members: Identify a family or community member that your child would like to interview via phone or Zoom. Have your student share their findings with the rest of your family. Sample questions include: When and where were you born?, How did your family come to live there?, What is your earliest childhood memory?, What was your favorite toy or game as a child?, What stories have been passed down through our family? and Do we have any family recipes?

Host a Virtual Storytime with a Grandparent or Special Friend: Not only will this activity give senior adults time with their loved ones, but it will also provide an oral history lesson that will enhance your student’s sense of identity and belonging. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion team is available to answer questions and help you navigate any conversations you would like to have at home. Don’t hesitate to email us at