As we continue remote learning, it’s important to be intentional about connecting offline. To avoid a sense of isolation, here are few simple ways to cultivate empathy while building community and belonging:

Write: Make cards and write letters to friends and family members. This requires us to think of others and provides opportunities to express gratitude for those in our lives. Take time to discuss why you’ve chosen to reach out to each person and use the Pace directory to select someone with whom you may not interact often. 

​​​Share Sidewalk-Chalk Messages: Leave notes on friends or neighbors’ sidewalks or driveways, or create messages at home and take photos to send to your loved ones.

Expand Your Circle of Concern: Strengthen your child’s capacity to care for others. Act as a guide to help children empathize with family members or neighbors who may be vulnerable to the virus—the elderly, healthcare workers and economically disadvantaged populations. Consider ways to help, including making care packages for elderly neighbors or writing letters to those with family members on the frontlines. 

Check Out Kawanimals: Kawanimals offers younger children activities, videos and lessons on empathy and kindness.