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Upper School Drama Students Shine at ThesCon

Each year, the Upper School drama program participates in the Georgia Thespian Conference (ThesCon), which features the Thespys, an optional competition where students can enter submissions in a variety of categories, from performance to technical to theatre marketing. These entries are sent prior to the annual conference to be adjudicated by three judges, who score in four levels: Superior, Excellent, Good and Poor. 

Pace Academy Troupe 4424 joined 215 other troupes in Columbus, Ga. for a weekend of theater productions, workshops, auditions, games, and the presentation of adjudicated performances and technical demonstrations. 

Director of Fine Arts Sean Bryan is excited to announce this year’s Thespy results:

Overall Superiors

Theatre Marketing: Nailah Beachem 

Musical Solo: Carly Cannon 

Musical Duet: Jackson Allegra and Hannah White

Overall Excellents

Musical Group: Elsa Nagle, Hannah Klein, Nicholas Demba 

Duet Acting Scene: Nailah Beachem and Liam Nagle 

Musical Group: Doyle Rona, Elsa Nagle, Hannah Klein, Hannah White, Jackson Allegra, Kyen Washington, Lucy Bryan, Madeline Sappington, Makayli Anochie, Mary Ellis Irvin, Nicholas Demba

Theatre Marketing: Liam Nagle

Stage Management: Leah Negero

Set Design: Eddie Langford

Highest Distinction

Critics Choice - Selected for the Thespy Closing Ceremony - Theatre Marketing: Nailah Beachem 

Critics Choice - Selected to perform her song at the Thespy Closing Ceremony: Carly Cannon