Welcome to The Year of Global Health

Another year brings another Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) global theme. Throughout 2020-2021, we’re investigating the many issues surrounding Global Health. With newly designed curriculum and exciting co-curricular connections in all three divisions, the ICGL team is as hard at work as ever creating prepared and confident citizens of the world.

“Previous annual themes have focused on humans’ impact on the environment,” says ICGL Director Trish Anderson. “In planning for this year’s theme—two years ago!—we decided to flip that approach and focus on the ways the environment impacts us. Seeking a humanities-based study that could incorporate lessons from our previous themes, we arrived at Global Health.”

Students, faculty and staff will explore Global Health as it relates to the ICGL’s five focus areas: Science & Technology, Culture & Arts, Social Entrepreneurship & Business, Community Engagement & Environmental Sustainability, Public Policy & International Relations. Teachers will incorporate global health issues and study into their curriculum with the goal of building awareness, fostering understanding and encouraging engagement. 

Although ICGL leaders will miss the opportunity to lead students on study tours this year, they are excited about digging into Global Health with students right here. Follow the ICGL on Instagram for daily updates from our Lower, Middle and Upper Schools.