ICGL Advisory Board

Bringing real-world, professional perspectives to the ICGL curriculum is vital because we live in a globalized society. In order to be successful in the world of tomorrow, one must understand and appreciate these connections. A true global education must begin at a young age.
- Neville Isdell, former chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, Pace Academy grandparent and Life Trustee

The ICGL Advisory Board is made up of 10 Pace Academy parents with diverse professional backgrounds, representing each of the ICGL’s five organizational pillars: Science & Technology, Culture & Arts, Social Entrepreneurship & Business, Service & Environmental Sustainability and Public Policy & International Relations.

Charles B. Hastie, Vice President, Strategy & Planning for The Coca-Cola Company, leads the board. Members include:

  • Neal K. Aronson, Founder and Managing Partner, Roark Capital Group
  • Khalid Hamied, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Xtarta Solutions
  • Charles B. Hastie, Vice President, Strategy & Planning for The Coca-Cola Company
  • Gregory C. Kelly, Director, Global Consumer Sector, McKinsey & Company
  • Sergei Kouzmine, Entrepreneur; Founder and Managing Partner, QWave Capital
  • Cara Isdell Lee, Trustee and Head of the Isdell Family Foundation; Community Volunteer
  • Wenke Lee, Chair Professor and Co-director, Institue for Information Security & Privacy, GA Tech
  • Robert A. Sharpe II, President and CEO, CSM Bakery Solutions Limited
  • Gail Starr, Marketing Strategy Consultant; Community Volunteer
  • Eric Tanenblatt, Principal, Dentons

The board is charged with generating and prioritizing ideas relative to the ICGL mission, continually rethinking Pace’s approach to global leadership programs and establishing evaluation processes that effectively measure success.

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