ICGL in Action

ICGL Council Continues to Champion Mental Health

Throughout September, the ICGL Council is taking an in-depth look into the topic of mental health as a lens into the 2020-2021 ICGL annual theme of Global Health. Good mental health is crucial to an individual's social and physical well-being, especially during this time of increased uncertainty. Students are learning healthy coping mechanisms, the signs of depression and anxiety, and how to initiate an open discussion about mental health with family and friends.

Members of the ICGL Council have created a series of posters to display around the Upper School to support mental health and connect their peers with resources. Follow @pace_icgl on Instagram to see more of the posters currently displayed on campus.

Community Engagement: Zaban Paradies Center & Lost-N-Found Youth

On Saturday, Sept. 12, senior Eli Mautner and juniors Maggie Pope and Allie Campbell joined forces to lead a group of students in assembling welcome baskets for the newest residents at Zaban Paradies Center, which provides couples in crisis a safe place to live and critical services to help them achieve their goals for economic stability and well-being. 

Throughout the year, the Zaban Center club will host lunch-making sessions for residents on the second Thursday of the month  after school in the Inman Center Cafeteria. All students are welcome to drop by to engage with the group.

In addition, senior Jack Brown, a member of the Community Engagement Board, is excited to launch the ICGL’s newest community engagement partnership: with Lost-N-Found Youth. The organization works with communities to end homelessness for LGBTQ youth by providing food, shelter and life-stabilization services. Interested students are invited to attend an orientation event this Thursday, Sept. 17, at 3:15 p.m. in the Woodruff Library classroom (lower level). Virtual students can join via Zoom.

Isdell Global Leaders Dive into Global Health

Each year, following an in-depth application process, the Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) selects four Upper School students as Isdell Global Leaders (IGLs). 

Our 2020-2021 IGLs, seniors Evan Elster and Madison Martin and juniors Pranhavh Pradeep and Jordan White, spent the summer exploring the ICGL theme of Global Health through reading, reflection and connecting with the Pace community. They kicked off their year-long study of the annual theme by sharing their summer findings with Upper School students in a short video.  

Beyond their initial understanding of Global Health, the cohort will share informative videos throughout the year and dive deep into issues and innovations in the field of Global Health. Connect with the IGLs on Instagram @pace_icgl to watch the first video!

Thoughtful Thursday: Homemade Hand Sanitizer

On Sept. 10, the Upper School Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) Council kicked off its Thoughtful Thursday student-activation program with a global-health-themed maker session. During the event, the 10 members of the cohort demonstrated how to make hand-sanitizing solution and distributed mini bottles to Upper School students.  

Follow the ICGL Council’s example and create your own sanitizer at home by combining ⅓ cup of aloe vera gel with ⅔ cup of rubbing alcohol and thoroughly mixing the ingredients. Then stir in five drops of lavender oil or another essential oil of your choice and fill a reusable bottle with the finished solution. 

ICGL Council Focuses on Mental Health

As part of the Upper School ICGL Council’s focus on Global Health, each month the group is spotlighting a different aspect or component of this large, complex issue. For September, these 10 students have decided to direct their attention to mental health and its connection to Suicide Prevention Month.

The group is examining mental health through the lens of depression and anxiety, stress management and peer-to-peer support. The council has developed a number of resources and materials to bring visibility to resources and support in the local community.  

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