Mental Wellness

Pace Academy is dedicated to supporting the whole child. Through our guidance counseling program, we strive to assist the young people in our care as they endeavor to become successful students and, ultimately, thriving citizens of the world. Students' social-emotional growth is a vital part of that journey.

Counselors in our Lower, Middle and Upper Schools provide guidance and support to students, parents and faculty. The counselor’s role is not only to help members of the Pace community navigate difficult life situations when they arise, but also to provide education and tools on an ongoing basis so community members are better equipped to face these challenges.

Our Philosophy

Pace Academy is committed to establishing and maintaining a nurturing, safe and positive learning environment for all students. Our counselors work with multidisciplinary teams to effectively address the academic, personal and social needs of all students. The counseling program strives to promote healthy development and emotional well-being among students, families, and faculty in the Pace community through education and specific initiatives.

As professional counselors, we believe that...
  • All persons have dignity and worth.
  • All persons deserve love, support and the fulfillment of basic needs.
  • Persons of all ethnic, cultural, sexual and racial identities have the right to be respected.
  • All students have the potential to achieve their goals and the abilities to function at their best.
  • All persons deserve to discover and use their unique voices to empower themselves and others.
  • All students have the right to be heard so that the needs of individual students and the collective student body are met.
  • All students should be taught coping skills to deal with challenges they may face.
  • All persons should be provided a variety of intellectual, social, mental, collective and physical resources to develop holistically.

As counselors, we...
  • Support the academic mission and vision of the school.
  • Advocate for safe schools and foster a nurturing school environment.
  • Take an unbiased and open-minded approach to working with students.
  • Follow ethical guidelines to ensure the well-being of all students, faculty and staff.
  • Are knowledgeable of the school and community resources and how these might be used to benefit students, teachers and families.
  • Work with our faculty, administration and support staff to meet the community's mental health needs.
  • Assist classroom teachers as needed to ensure the best academic experience and performance of all students.
  • A safe environment in which to talk confidentially with a licensed mental health professional
  • Character education classes to promote positive personal growth, mental wellness and community values
  • Classes and education around prominent mental health issues impacting the community
  • Developmentally appropriate programs to educate students about emotional health and wellness
  • An environment that promotes self-care and the care of others
  • A liaison between outside mental health professionals and the school
  • Referrals to community resources if needed
  • An on-campus advocate for mental health issues or stressors

  • Guidance and programming around issues affecting families and their children
  • Educational opportunities to support children at their respective developmental stages
  • Emotional support
  • Referrals to community resources as needed
  • Additional resources via the Pace LEAD and Parenting Connection sections of MYPACE (login required)

  • Consulting with faculty on how best to support students so that they can thrive in the classroom
  • Professional development and educational opportunities around topics related to the social and emotional needs (emotional development and mental health) of students at each division

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