Upper School Mental Wellness

Welcome to the Pace Academy Upper School, where students learn to balance their academic and extracurricular pursuits in a supportive environment that encourages independence and self-advocacy. Our counseling program emphasizes mental wellness as the foundation of future success.

Programs and Services for Students


Our counselors work with the Pace Parenting Connection and outside organizations to bring presentations on relevant mental health topics to campus. Counselors also meet with individual grades and classes to discuss relevant topics and oversee programs such as Peer Leadership, the Student Advisory Board and our ninth-grade Transitions curriculum.

Individual and Group Support

Our counselors meet with students individually or in small groups as needed to address personal, social or academic concerns. They also collaborate with outside providers and offer community referrals to students who need additional, specialized support.

Our counselors act as liaisons between the school and outside providers so that the school can support work taking place off campus. Students can make counseling appointments, and deans, teachers, and parents are encouraged to make referrals. In addition, our counselors collaborate with the Academic Resource Center to provide student support as needed.

Resources for Parents

Parent Workshops

In conjunction with the Pace Parenting Connection and Consulting Psychologist Dr. Mark Crawford, our counselors bring presentations on relevant mental health topics to campus. Event dates, locations and times are published on the Pace calendar.

Individual Support

Our counselors act as a resource, providing guidance to individual parents and families on an as-needed basis.

Online Resources

Additional resources for current Pace parents are available in the Pace LEAD and Parenting Connection sections of myPACE (login required).

Partnerships with Teachers

Classroom Support

Our counselors are in constant contact with our teachers and are available to consult with individual teachers and students to address specific needs, in and outside of the classroom.

Professional Development

Our counselors provide professional development opportunities for faculty to ensure they support the children in their classrooms to the best of their abilities.

Resouces Regarding Alcohol and Drugs


FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependence) is the world's leading nonprofit provider of on-site substance abuse prevention services for youth in kindergarten through college. Educators from FCD visit Pace twice a year to work with students, faculty and parents, and they act as ongoing consultants throughout the year.


INSTEAD (Informing and Nurturing Students Through Education about Alcohol and other Drugs) offers parents, students, and faculty a non-disciplinary channel for concerns about student use of alcohol and other drugs. Download the INSTEAD Confidential Referral Form.


Pace LEAD (Leadership and Education about Alcohol and other Drugs) is a parent group that supports educational and discussion opportunities around substance use and abuse.

Pace parents may access additional resources and information regarding Pace LEAD via myPACE (login required).


PASS (Pace Academy Student Support) is made up of Upper School students committed to living substance-free lives. These students meet regularly with both Middle School and Lower School students, serving as role models and sounding boards.

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Learn More About TXTAboutIt

Pace Academy is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment. We believe the TxtAboutIt service, which provides a digital and anonymous means for those who need help to get help, enhances our ability to serve our students’ needs.

Students can make a report at any time and we will make every effort to respond as soon as possible. However, if you send a message after school hours or on a day when school is not in session, note that the school personnel you are contacting may not be able to respond until the next regular school day.

What is "TxtAboutIt"?

Today, thousands of students across the country use TxtAboutIt to anonymously report problems, incidents and concerns ranging from bullying and threats of violence to drug and alcohol abuse to depression, thoughts of suicide and more.

A preventative solution focused on bridging the communication gap between students and faculty, TxtAboutIt:

• Opens the channel and frequency of communications between students and faculty
• Provides students with a mechanism to reach out to adults and anonymously report concerns
• Builds positive connections between students and faculty members
• Resolves student problems in a safe, efficient and timely manner
• Reduces the stigma often associated with seeking assistance for problems
• Allow students to assist in creating and maintaining a healthy school environment

We believe that TxtAboutIt will provide you with an outlet to share struggles, frustrations and more in a safe environment. Please use this service if you need to talk.

Click here for a short video created by students who use TxtAboutIt.

Submit an anonymous message and start the conversation by clicking here or text us at 404-975-1314

If you are reporting an emergency, please notify your parents or another adult. For a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.