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Danger Camp

Our Danger Camp 2020 program offerings can be seen below. Camp registration is now open!

We take pride in offering an assortment of summer programs to fit the interests of all students. The majority of our summer programs are available to students of all schools, not exclusively Pace Academy students, unless otherwise specified in a program's description. We strive for excellence in offering the best camper experiences in the metro Atlanta area.

If you have any questions about our program offerings you can contact the Director of Auxiliary Programs, Zach Slaney, at You can also call our camp office at 404-240-9130 and we will be happy to answer any questions. We look forward to seeing your family on campus this summer!

We are adjusting our refund policy for programs this summer, allowing families to request full refunds for their camp programs until three weeks before the start date of the respective camp program. We are being cautious with our decision making in regards to our offerings and their feasibility. If a program is canceled or its dates are moved and you can longer attend, then you will receive a full refund. 

In this age of computers and video games, kids still need time for play, imagination, and epic adventures! At Danger Camp, we believe in hands-on games and activities that encourage curiosity, problem-solving, and confidence. And sometimes, we allow kids to flirt with danger in a safe and controlled environment. Danger Camp offers an exciting mix of physical and mental challenges for the mind and body. With everyday having a Danger-filled theme, we learn about spies and pirates, cowboys and knights. Along the way, we build swords and catapults; we learn about secret codes and movie special effects; we stage battles and bring terror to the rest of camp! 

Sound dangerous? A little.

Sound different? A lot.

Sound fun? Absolutely!

At Danger Camp, it's really about making your own fun!

Please note, Danger Camp is a two-week session. Although it is possible for campers to sign up for one week only, we try to discourage sending kids to BOTH two-week sessions. Lunch and Danger Camp T-shirts are included in the cost of this camp. 

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