Alumni Association 5-Year Strategic Plan

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Background: In recent years, Pace Academy has made significant strides in growing its alumni program, utilizing the Alumni Association Board to increase volunteer leadership and alumni involvement. Now, with an engaged Alumni Association Board and a variety of new leadership opportunities available to alumni, the program is poised to grow even further. The following plan, which establishes the path forward for the next five years, identifies five areas of focus for the Alumni Association, all intended to promote a deeper, and mutually beneficial, relationship between Pace and its alumni. With the plan as its roadmap, the Advancement team will develop detailed work plans and establish metrics for measurement. In partnership with the Alumni Board, the Advancement team/Alumni office will evaluate annual progress toward individual goals and update the plan’s strategies and corresponding goals accordingly. 

Purpose: Help all alumni discover the power of lifelong engagement. 

Positioning: Alumni are a vital component of the Pace community, therefore Pace is committed to making all alumni feel supported, connected, inspired and enriched. 

Goal: To create an unwavering sense of belonging in the Pace community. 

Connect alumni and build a far-reaching network | Alumni - Alumni 

A vibrant and flourishing alumni community benefits individual Pace alumni, as well as the alumni program and entire school community. We will evaluate existing alumni programming and strengthen future offerings to ensure relevant, meaningful opportunities that facilitate alumni-to-alumni connections are available to all alumni. Additionally, we will utilize events and technology to support professional networking between alumni. 

● Broaden the scope of alumni cultivation efforts through online and regional outreach and networking. 

● Utilize current alumni parents as a resource to prospective alumni parents. 

● Develop and promote opportunities for alumni to use their Pace connection as a catalyst for direct interaction with one another (for social events, career networking, service, diversity groups, etc.). 


● Evaluate all alumni events every two years to determine relevance and alumni interest. 

● Create a feedback tool that allows alumni to assess their networking experiences and offer opinions on the best ways to build alumni relationships. 

Support new generations of Pace Alumni | Alumni - Young Alumni 

Mentoring connections between alumni and newer alumni provide benefits to both the mentor and mentee. We will foster alumni engagement with younger alumni by providing ample social and professional networking opportunities. We will advocate for an alumni culture that supports newer alumni, as well as those soon to be alumni, through opportunities such as career mentoring, internships and job placements. We will utilize shared interests between alumni, both at Pace and in the workplace, to create programming that promotes enthusiastic connections across generations. 

● Implement a LinkedIn platform to support a scalable mentoring program and career education opportunities. 

● Create alumni networking opportunities and connections based on professional fields or industries. 

● Collaborate with college counseling to identify ways to connect young alumni in college with older alumni able to offer them career opportunities, professional development, etc. 


● Grow LinkedIn network by 5% each year. 

● Establish a pipeline of opportunities for alumni. 

● Create a feedback tool that allows young alumni to assess their networking experiences and offer opinions on the best ways to build alumni relationships. 

Prepare students to become engaged alumni | Alumni - Future Alumni 

Connecting current Pace students and faculty to alumni and the alumni program enriches the school community and showcases the benefits of ongoing alumni engagement. In partnership with Pace’s faculty and departments, we will explore and develop avenues for alumni to interact with Pace students of all ages, recognizing that student awareness is central to the future success of the program. We will stimulate alumni interest in and encourage alumni support of Pace priorities that include diversity, arts, athletics and initiatives of the Isdell Center for Global Leadership. We will introduce graduating seniors to the concept of giving back to Pace, both through volunteerism and monetary support. 

● Promote and grow the fledgling Senior Giving Campaign to create a precedent of engaging with and giving back to Pace. 

● Increase alumni exposure to students and faculty by utilizing alumni (or their contacts) for a variety of opportunities, both existing and new--guest speaking engagements, panelist positions, internship sponsors, etc. 

● Connect alumni and students through affinity associations, for example theater, basketball, debate, etc. 


● Reach goal of 100% student participation in the Senior Giving Campaign. 

● Survey participants to evaluate their understanding of Senior Giving Campaign and its impact. 

● Measure engagement between alumni-volunteers and current students and track growth over time. 

Cultivate Pace pride and a commitment to giving back | Alumni - Pace 

Alumni with an enduring allegiance to Pace have the potential to be its greatest cheerleaders and most generous supporters; the broad-based and avid engagement of alumni benefits the Pace of today and of tomorrow. We will cultivate this level of engagement by providing attractive opportunities for alumni to participate in the life of the school and help further its mission. We will employ new and greater strategies to stimulate increased alumni giving, thereby increasing participation to levels on par with peer schools. We will utilize a variety of avenues to celebrate alumni supporters. We will recruit qualified alumni to serve on Pace advisory and leadership boards. 

● Further develop Leadership Pace to engage future alumni leaders. 

● Better communicate the impact of the Alumni Fund using vehicles such as the Alumni Challenge. 

● Continue to grow the Knight Cap. 

● Explore opportunities for regional fundraising and develop programs as appropriate. 

● Identify and implement ways to best recognize and steward alumni volunteers and donors. 


● Increase Alumni Fund participation to 20%. 

● Increase Knight Cap participation and proceeds from year to year. 

● Increase number of alumni volunteers in leadership positions. 

Communicate for lifelong engagement | Alumni - Alumni Office 

Transparent and relevant communications from the Pace Alumni Office clarify and enhance the value of membership in the Pace Alumni Association. The Alumni Office will identify and implement appropriate communications vehicles to educate alumni about the school’s current priorities. The Alumni Office, in partnership with other areas of the school, will expand alumni-directed programming and communications. The Alumni Office will reach more alumni by implementing thoughtfully targeted communications strategies based on geographic region, professional affiliation and other considerations. 

● Employ communications vehicles (existing and new) that effectively reach alumni, resulting in meaningful dialogue and increased alumni engagement. 

● Present a cohesive identity in all print and web communications to improve brand recognition. 

● Institute a “class agents” program to bridge communication between every class and the Alumni Office. 


● Evaluate engagement on social media pages and raise followers on top platforms. 

● Decrease lost alumni to less than 5%. 

● Survey class agents about their experiences to evaluate effectiveness of the role. 

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