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Class of 2025

What year did you start at Pace?
Ninth grade

What activities are you involved in at Pace?
Debate, swimming, Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) Five Freedoms Fellow and Student Ambassadors

Why did you choose Pace?
I chose Pace because of the sense of community. When I was applying to Pace, the admissions experience was entirely virtual, but I could tell just by hearing from the Student Ambassadors sharing their experiences that it was a tight-knit community. When I showed up for the ninth-grade retreat I knew that what I felt on Zoom was true.

What’s something new that you first tried at Pace?
Debate! I had no interest in it when I was a prospective student and only signed up for it because people told me I would be good at it. I had every intention of stopping as soon as I could and now it is a huge passion of mine, and I have built relationships with amazing people through it as well.

Why should prospective students be interested in Pace?
There are so many opportunities for everyone at Pace! Whether it’s academically, the arts, sports, or something completely different there are people in the community to support you in pursuing your passions.