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Class of 2025

What year did you join Pace?

What is your favorite thing about Pace?
My favorite thing about Pace is the culture. They push each student to excel academically and non-academically as well. They provide so many resources to make that happen, such as the ARC (Academic Resource Center). The resources they provide are top tier and I'm grateful for them. 

How have you grown during your time at Pace?
I think I have become more of a leader and have helped my community more throughout Pace. But I also have made some great friendships through class, sports teams, and clubs. And lastly, I think I’ve become more independent and am able to handle more responsibility. 

How would you describe your teachers?
The teachers at Pace are one of the best parts. They are very supportive and they want you to do well in their class. They also go the extra mile to accommodate you in case of a sports conflict or for other reasons.