Class of 2025


What year did you start at Pace?

Sixth grade

Why did you choose Pace?

I chose Pace because it offers various opportunities that you can explore. Pace has a great environment that I enjoyed because I was able to have the support of teachers and friends while exploring different activities, sports, clubs, etc. I also loved how Pace forms leaders in every aspect of their curriculum and academics. 

How have you grown during your time at Pace?

During my time at Pace, I have grown in my academics by learning what strategies work best for me when it comes to studying and completing assignments. I have also grown as a person by taking on leadership positions that I may have never thought of. I also have grown by using my resources around me to build my knowledge and courage to believe in myself. 

How has Pace prepared you for college?

Pace has prepared me for college because each teacher and class challenges how you think and convey information and ideas. The classes and teachers expect you to meet their expectations while still supporting you along the way. Academically I have substantially improved in the way I think. Additionally, I now have a stronger understanding of what colleges will expect me to do, and I will be prepared for that.  Non-academically, Pace has given me the confidence to express myself whether it is through extracurricular activities or sports.