Class of 2024

What year did you start at Pace?

Ninth grade

What activities are you involved in at Pace?

Math team, tennis team, TedX, newspaper. 

The TedX club is one of the coolest things at Pace. Each year, one of my teachers and a group of students hosts a Ted Talk. It is almost completely student-run with students setting up the stage, fixing the lights, filming the speeches and presenting amazing speeches. This year, the theme is “The Game Behind the Game.”

Why did you choose Pace?

My brother joined Pace two years before I came, and I heard really great things about the school. Upon visiting, I enjoyed the sense of community and friendliness the school had. 

What’s something new that you first tried at Pace?

One of my favorite activities is the Newspaper Club. Writing for Newspaper has made writing more fun and engaging for me; I really enjoy writing about my passions and interests. It was something that I would never have thought of doing, but I am very glad I joined it.