Class of 2023


What year did you start at Pace?

Second grade

Why did you choose Pace?

Pace is more than just a place of education, it's rather a second set of family members or second home. The personable aspect of Pace truly creates a community that is centered around drive, spirit, compassion and most importantly character.

What is your favorite Pace tradition?

My favorite Pace tradition has to be the April Fools newspaper issue. Every year, the newspaper staff creates an entire issue of completely false articles. A lot of the time, students will spotlight faculty, peers, or even “announce” who the speaker at graduation will be. It’s not only a great way to have fun towards the end of the school year, but it truly integrates the community in a lighthearted way, possibly even providing a student with a conversation starter with a teacher.

How have you grown during your time at Pace?

Throughout all my time at Pace, my mental, academic, and character growth is where I carry a sense of pride. Coming in as a freshman, my mind was so bare and open. I was ready, yet overwhelmed by the thought of entering high-school. However, over the past four years at Pace, I have changed for the better. While I did face challenges such as physics or learning how to manage stress, I couldn’t have overcome them without the Pace community. Pace is there to help and asking for that help is seen as a strength at Pace, not a weakness. Whether it was getting help from tutors at the ARC (Academic Resource Center) or simply going into extra help sessions, I grew to learn that by asking for and wanting help, I could develop bonds with my teachers while also getting to know myself.