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Class of 2024

What year did you start at Pace?
Ninth grade

Please list all your activities, teams, clubs, etc:
Honor council, Social Innovations Fellowship Program, flag football, basketball, soccer, TedX, Swim across America, Summer Bridge mentor, and Student Ambassador

Why did you choose Pace?
When touring different high schools across Atlanta, Pace stood out amongst the rest because of the people and the school's academic opportunities. I knew Pace would be a school that would challenge me to reach my academic best while providing me with valuable tools and resources. I was also drawn to Pace because of its renowned athletics and school spirit. 

Describe the activities you are involved in at Pace, or any interests and passions you have.
The activity I am most invested and involved in at Pace is our girl's Flag Football team. Established in 2020, the program has skyrocketed in the past three years. The sport has become my passion and something I want to take beyond high school. I love my coaches, and my team is like a family to me. The Flag team has offered me many great opportunities such as leadership and perseverance and has been the highlight of my Pace experience. 

What’s something you got involved in at Pace that you didn’t know you would want to participate in when you were a prospective student?
This year I was elected to be on Pace's student and faculty Honor Council which is something that, as a prospective student, I never thought I would be a part of. Now that I am on the Council, I am glad that I decided to try something new because it turned out to be a great learning opportunity, as well as something I enjoy doing and potentially could continue outside of high school.