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Class of 2025

What year did you join Pace?
Ninth grade

Why did you choose Pace?
As I was searching for the right school to launch my high school career, Pace stood out in how driven and multifaceted their approach to tackling high school was. Their approach to diversity also stood out to me. 

What activities are you involved in at Pace?
Flag football was my first activity at Pace and that is what sparked my passion for sports and teamwork. Dungeons and Dragons Club was one of my newer interests, and I was met with nothing but patient encouragement and fun from my peers. I’ve always wanted to do debate, and I loved how the team at Pace tackled real-world issues in the classroom. Theater was one of the activities I was most afraid to join, but one of my teachers and the whole theater program embraced me and my inexperience. Being a Student Ambassador was my way of giving back to the Pace community, and the IGCL Fellows Program is a relatively new interest of mine.

Why should prospective students be interested in Pace?
Pace offers a place of community that uplifts you and your passions while challenging you to be the best you can be.

What is your favorite Pace tradition?
My favorite Pace tradition is Spirit Week. The themes, dressing up, and seeing everyone have fun is the highlight of the school year.