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Class of 2025

What year did you start at Pace?
Ninth grade

Why did you choose Pace?
It stood out to me as a school that valued every person and their passions and made it a mission to connect with each student. The talent of the teachers and the intentional nature of the school are what separates it from other schools to me.

What activities are you involved in at Pace?
One of my biggest passions is theater, which Pace has allowed me to explore through the Drama Club and year-round productions. I am also involved in Knight Capital, the school's investment club, as well as the Student Council where I am Sophomore Class President. Pace gives me the tools and support to pursue these interests and new ones as well.

How have you grown during your time at Pace?
In just the year I have been at Pace so far, I have become a stronger and more confident leader in the Pace community. The school has encouraged me to put myself out there whether I succeed or fail. Programs like the Isdell Center for Global Leadership and even elected positions like the Student Council have helped to put me outside my comfort zone.

How would you describe your teachers?
At Pace, every teacher makes an effort to get to know each of the students on an individual level. Students going to their teachers and asking for help is not stigmatized, it's encouraged and they are always ready to help.