Class of 2023

What year did you start at Pace?

Ninth grade

What activities are you involved in at Pace?

Co-President of Books for Africa

Member of the ICGL Council

Member of ICGL Food Highways

Member of PASS (Pace Academy Student Support)

Member of the Movie Club 

Jewish Affinity Group

Why did you choose Pace?

I chose Pace because when I was touring schools, I felt the most accepted at Pace. The Pace community was eager to get to know me before I even went to the school, and I felt like Pace was a school where I could make an easy transition to high school.

What is your favorite thing about Pace?

One of the best things about Pace is the relationships that you develop with your teachers. Every teacher at Pace is easy to talk to and class sizes are small enough where every person in the class can also develop relationships with the teacher.

What is your favorite Pace tradition?

My favorite Pace tradition is definitely GAP Day, also known as the Great American Picnic. GAP Day is at the end of April and is the seniors last day of school. In the morning, the ninth-grade physics class competes in a Photilla across the Pace pool in makeshift rafts they have built.  Then, the whole school has a picnic and a huge water fight on the Lower Field. Lastly, the seniors play a game of dodgeball against the faculty.