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Booster Club funded the following items for the 2022-2023 school year


  1. New roster boards at the Riverview Sports Complex - assisting Pace with payment for three years until 2024-25
  2. New magnetic roster boards for Inman Center
  3. LED scorer’s table for Inman Center
  4. Video replay system for the Natatorium including equipment, installation and first year of subscription
  5. Two VEO Cameras and tripods for live streaming and recording of games - assisting Pace with subscription costs until 2024-25
  6. Vectra Genisys Transport Laser & Diode for the athletic trainers
  7. Media backdrop, two fitted tablecloths, and two drop tablecloths
  8. On-field protective screen for pitching machine
  9. Three Run Rockets (sprint resistance training equipment) for the athletics department
  10. Baseball turtle (portable batting cage)
  11. Covers for pole vault and high jump
  12. Rogers Offensive Lineman Chute
  13. Portable Rae Crowther Practice Timer for the athletics department
  14. Six large specialty sports whiteboards for use by the soccer and lacrosse teams
  15. Rogers Running Back Power Blast training equipment
  16. Portable TV and stand for the athletics department
  17. JBL all-in-one speaker system for the athletics department
  18. Rogers Landing Mat for the athletics department
  19. New P-A-C-E and P cheerleading spirit flags
  20. Tennis score stands
  21. Blaze Pods (reaction training devices) for the athletics department
  22. Bushnell Golf Simulator package
  23. Sports Medicine Tent for athletics department
  24. Gymnastics and Wrestling signage
  25. Soccer training mannequins
  26. Volleyball setting target
  27. Big barrier net for softball
  28. Two fit benches for middle school sports and to use at Riverview Sports Complex
  29. Track and field training equipment including Shot Put, Plyo Box and Sprinter Sleds
  30. Athletic recess equipment for the Lower School for multiple sports

Spirit related expenses which included the following:

  • First 50 students paid for by the Booster Club for area/region/state tournament games and first 100 students for any state championship
  • 100 t-shirts for any state championship game/meet/etc.
  • Assisted Pace in purchasing championship rings for players and coaching staff